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General Election Coming Up
Let's Finish The Job

The primary elections are over, and the general (runoff) election is next Saturday, December 6.  Mark your calendars.  The polls will open at 7:00 AM (not 6:00), and will close at 8:00 PM.  Sample ballots and polling stations can be viewed at the following links:

SOS website - Sample Ballots

If you voted for someone other than Bill Cassidy or Mary Landrieu, please think long and hard before sitting this one out.  Mary Landrieu may have been the chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, but what has she done with it?  Has she ever pressured Harry Reid to call a vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline any of the 8 or 9 times it was passed by the House, before doing so now as a last minute re-election stunt?  Has she tried to do anything to get the Obama administration moratorium on offshore drilling lifted?  Do we really want to give the woman who sold her vote on Obamacare for a $200 million earmark (i.e. The Louisiana Purchase) another 6 years?  Bill Cassidy may not have as strong of a conservative voting record as we might like, but at least we can be reasonably confident he won't vote for radical Euro-socialist legislation like Obamacare.  He'll always vote firmly pro-life.  He'll be a sure vote against anti-2nd amendment legislation.  And he'll hopefully make himself a lot more accessible than Mary has been to voters and our attempts to communicate with our senators.  And if he doesn't...we'll, there's always the next election.  America has voted for some major change this cycle.  Mary Landrieu has proven over the last 6 years that she is a puppet of Harry Reid, Obama, and the radical left.  Bill Cassidy is one more potential vote against Obama's radical agenda items and his out of control pen and phone (amnesty, Obamacare, EPA job-killing cost-raising regulations, etc.).  Bill Cassidy is the best we've got for now.  Mitch McConnell has promised him a spot on the Energy Committee if he wins, and Mary will not be chairing the Energy committee next year anyway under the new Republican majority in the Senate.  So let's finish the job on Dec. 6, and send this Washingtonian, Mary Landrieu, back to her home (in Washington DC) where she's most comfortable, and give Bill Cassidy a chance.

Constitution Class
Next one on December 18 - 6:00 PM

We will be holding our Constitution Class on the fourth Thursday of every month, with some exceptions for months when holiday scheduling will clash with our normal schedule, like Thanksgiving & Christmas.  It will be in the Fellowship Hall of The Clarion Church (9000 E. Kings Highway, Shreveport 71115), which is the former LSUS University Worship Center.  The Clarion Church is renting the building and apparently has not been granted permission to replace the original sign, so they only have a small yard sign identifying their church which is placed below the original unaltered sign for University Worship Center.  Traveling south on E. Kings Highway, past the LSUS ball fields and Orleans Square Apartments on the west side of the street, look for the white church building.  Parking is in the back, and the driveway in is a small one next to the mailbox.  They share parking with the Montessori School, but the school day is well finished by 6:00, so we should have the parking lot to ourselves and any other groups who may happen to be using the church building at the same time.

Our classes will be based on the lectures of Hillsdale College's Constitution 101 series, which were conducted by Hillsdale in 2012 as a public service and made available free of charge to all who registered at that time.  This course remains posted on YouTube, so if you miss a class, it's not difficult to view the session that you missed on your computer at home before coming to the next class.  What makes Hillsdale's Constitution 101 course unique is that they have a very affordable textbook that goes along with it - The U.S. Constitution: A Reader.  The book is composed of original documents and writings by our founding fathers, both in favor of and against the original U.S. Constitution so that an informed and balanced view of the range of opinions and issues discussed during the time leading up to and after the adoption of our founding documents can be seen.  Print copies of the textbook are still available on Hilldale's website for $30 + shipping, but the complete contents of the book can also be viewed free of charge.  Most of the documents should be easy to find elsewhere on the internet, as well.  See the following links for more information:

Main site for textbook - http://www.constitutionreader.com/
[click "Buy the Print Version" ribbon to buy a hard copy from Hillsdale's store]
[click "Launch The Reader" (red) button to read any part of the book online free of charge]

Course Readings (syllabus) - http://online.hillsdale.edu/document.doc?id=208
(At the December 18 class, we will be showing the Week 5 Session, "Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government" with Professor Will Morrisey.)

We hope to see you at the next class.  Keep the fires of liberty burning, Patriots.


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